How You Could Build A $10 Million Dollar Property Portfolio In 10 Years Maximize

How You Could Build A $10 Million Dollar Property Portfolio In 10 Years

$32.99 - Get This Price

$32.99 - Get This Price

$32.99 - Get This Price

"If I can do it so can you!"

ISBN: 9780732274290
Category:Personal finance
Format: Paperback / softback
Publication Date:2004-07-28
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
Country of origin:Australia
Pages: 288

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If I can do it so can you! Peter Spann's message comes through loud and clear in this follow-up to his phenomenally successful "Wealth Magic" and "Little Pot of Gold".

Broke and working as a check-out operator when he bought his first house, seven years later Peter Spann was a multi-millionare. How did he do it? In this book he tells you.

Using clear and easy-to-understand language, Peter sets out strategies he applies to select, acquire and grow rich from investment properties.

Things like;

  • Identifying high-growth potential for maximum capital growth
  • Adding value to a property for instant profit
  • Using his "leap-frogging" techniques to continuously buy property with no money out of your pocket
  • Avoiding particular kinds of property investments
  • Generating cash from property for living or paying off loans

The strategies Peter teaches have been learned through experience. and not just Peter's. Thousands of people who have attended Peter's seminars have used his strategies to change their lives and improve their wealth. Many have made a million of more and you can too!

No matter where you are in life, investing in property could be a path to financial freedom.

An excellent book with plenty of information for newbies and experienced investors alike.

Table of Contents...

Chapter 1  There you'll see it

Chapter 2  glorious summer's day

Chapter 3 why property

Chapter 4 What to buy, what to buy?

Chapter 5 Where I discover you can make a mountain from a mole hill

Chapter 6 A trip to the pharmacy

Chapter 7 The three benefits of the key to wealth

Chapter 8 The old school yard

Chapter 9 Leap-frogging off the three secrets of money magnetism

Chapter 10 The three secrets of money magnetism revisited

Chapter 11 Opportunity knocks with the first secret of money magnetism

Chapter 12 The first law of property investment

Chapter 13 The second law of property investment

Chapter 14 Doing homework

Chapter 15 property prices

Chapter 16 Let's go shopping with the second secret of money magnetism

Chapter 17 Renovating for profit

Chapter 18 Knowing your price

Chapter 19 What tenant and buyers don't like outside

Chapter 20 Say thanks to the tax man

Chapter 21 how to purchase a property for $35 a week

Chapter 22 Leverage - the third secret of money magnetism

Chapter 23 The endless deposit

Chapter 24 The most important in the (lending) world

Chapter 25 Should I wear a suit?

Chapter 26 So who wants to lend me some money?

Chapter 27 To pay off, or not to pay off

Chapter 28 Protection money

Chapter 29 Ways to buy property

Chapter 30 The risks

Chapter 31 When to buy

Chapter 32 Inspecting property and assessing an Agent

Chapter 33 Buying through private treaty

Chapter 34 Buying through auction

Chapter 35 Doing the paper work

Chapter 36 To sell or not to sell

Chapter 37 The dumbest things I ever did

Chapter 38 The three smartest things I ever did

Chapter 39 Maximum return, maximum profit

Chapter 40 Looking back and looking forward