Untold Wealth: Success From Scratch Maximize

Untold Wealth: Success From Scratch

"The Principles of Successful and Profitable Property Investing Explained"

What you must know to build wealth through property.

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'Success From Scratch' is an innovative multi-media programme consisting of:

  • A comprehensive, clear and interactively-styled workbook;
  • Three CDs narrated by John Fitzgerald;
  • Two books, outlining the key principles of how - and why - to build wealth; and
  • An easy to follow Start Up DVD - Building Wealth Out Of Property.

The programme has been designed for you not only to acquire the principles and techniques of investment, but to learn something about yourself, to overcome blocks and barriers in your thinking, and to mobilise your energies for change - and success.

'Untold Wealth: Success from Scratch' starts with a holistic psychology of success, providing practical insights into how these powerful ideas translate to your own experience and situation. You are encouraged to set realistic, relevant and challenging financial goals that will energise your wealth building.

The programme then sets out the key principles of wealth building, using residential property investment as the primary vehicle.

It suggests structures and strategies for building both passive and active property portfolios - to suit your personal goal profile. And it covers the detailed knowledge, skills and tools you need to take the first - or next - step on your wealth building journey.
John Fitzgerald's mind blowing techniques for ACCELERATING WEALTH and REDUCING RISK make you stop and wonder why you were never doing them before. This course teaches you how to invest with the same rules that the Pro's do - under your terms and conditions, or not at all. The knowledge you will obtain from this course is awesome.


There are not many who can genuinely say they started from scratch and became self made success in the same way as John Fitzgerald. Free of hyped-up motivational material, this program is well balanced and delivers quality information for investors of all levels. Great value product!

Table of Contents

Success From Scratch - 1 Workbook, 1 Video, 3 CDs & 2 Books



Section A: Foundations for Success

Unit 1 - Success is an inside job

Unit 2 - Success is your business (i)

Unit 3 - Starting points

Section B. Success from scratch tool kit

Unit 4 - Finance basics

Unit 5 - Property (i) - A passive portfolio

Unit 6 - Property (ii) - An active portfolio

Unit 7 - Success is your business (ii)

Unit 8 - Strategies to suit you

Unit 9 - More creative finance from scratch

Unit 10 - Contracts and options

Unit 11 - Success is your business (iii)

Unit 12 - Here's an idea: $1million in one year - from scratch



Building Wealth Out Of Property - Start Up Video

CD1 - Wealth

56mins 3s


What is wealth building?

Accelerated wealth

Building your team

Recognising intrinsic value

Identifying the need

Controlling the asset

Formulating an exit strategy

Raising funds

CD2 - Focus

71mins 30s



What are your goals?

Setting goals

The power of visualisation

Meditation - the workshop of the mind

Meditation - visualising your goals


CD3 - Success

69mins 40s


What is success?

The success triangle



Reinventing yourself

Putting something back

Book1 -

Seven Steps To Wealth


Part A - Starting points

Start-up quiz

Why build wealth?

Why residential real estate?

A structure for growth

Part B - Seven steps to wealth

Buy land for capital growth

Optimise your income

Maximise your tax benefits

Finance to build

Aim for affordability

Make time work for you

Be all you can be

Part C - Any other questions?

What about?

Round-up quiz

Quiz answers

The Custodian Wealth Builders Group

Book order form


Book 2 -

We Can Be Heroes

Part A - My own journey

Early signposts

The fast track

Towards the place in the heart

Part B - Stories from the road

The call to adventure

Letting go, breaking free

Ways of peace

Small seeds

Choosing beauty

The caterpillar and the butterfly