Property Books is Australia’s leading provider of books about property investing as far as I am concerned. They promote Australian authors who understand the Australian property market and tax regulations, so I know when I am buying a book through them that I can apply the information.

Their range of books is incredible, their service is second to none and I love their passion for what they do. It is a one-stop-online shop for those who are interested in property investing and I cannot speak highly enough of them.

Sonja Grosser
Slacks Creek, Qld

6th June 2013

Hi PropertyBooks,
Hey there, I was really pleasantly surprised by the ease and rapid delivery of my orders and the follow up is brilliant. I would give you a "10" but what would you have to strive for!!! Thank you will buy again. Regards Tricia
Tricia H, QLD

Thanks again for the prompt reply. The whole buying experience has been a pleasure. To be honest, I was expecting a rather painful process, buying two books online from your web store and getting my order shipped to Taiwan, but your personal service and communication has made the whole transaction seamless. The kicker for me was you going out of your way to reduce the weight and hence the freight cost to Taiwan.

I will definitely be buying again from PropertyBooks.com.au


Shane D

Taipei, Taiwan 


Hi PropertyBooks,
Just a quick note to let you know that I received my book order.  Can I say ‘money well spent’!  From your friendly emails right through to all the behind the scenes staff (I’m guessing you couldn’t operate your entire business this efficiently on your own) that process and pack the order, along with the freight upgrade and extras thrown in, definitely 10 out of 10.  To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger; ‘I’ll be back.’


Lyndon. NSW 


Hi PropertyBooks
Thank you very much for the speedy delivery and was very pleased to receive the books on Friday.  





Dear PropertyBooks,

I received it today.
Thanks for the unbelievably quick service. Will recommend it to my investment partner.

Kieran, Maryborough  QLD


Hi PropertyBooks

This email is just to thank you kindly for the excellent service I received yesterday when I ordered a book from you.  I ordered the book late yesterday afternoon and was amazed to find it in my letterbox this morning at 10.00am, about 16 hours after I ordered it. As I live in Hobart, I am used to orders normally taking weeks not hours to arrive. I suspect Australia Post deserves some credit, but also your staff in responding so promptly to my order. They must have had it in the mail within minutes of receiving the online order. I am so impressed I have decided to purchase a second copy of the book as a Christmas present, now knowing that it will be received well before Christmas. Please pass my thanks onto your most efficient staff.

Kind regards,

John K


Dear Property Books

Just wanted to thank you for the super fast service of delivering the book I ordered over the weekend. Very impressed. At a glance, the book is exactly what I have been looking for.

Thanks again!


Catherine H



Hi PropertyBooks,
My name is Caroline C and I’d just like to thank you for your extremely prompt response to my purchase.

I purchased two books from your website on Sunday night and they arrived at my office an hour ago (Tuesday) – that’s service!
Whilst on your website I noticed I could get a discount on purchases if I become a member of PropertyBooks. The problem I have is that I can’t find the link on your website to actually register to become a member. Could I ask you please to help me with this request?  I’m very interested in joining your club.



Hi PropertyBooks

I ordered two books on Friday and had them in my hands Monday morning in Adelaide.
Well done on your terrific service.
Just wanted to thank you for your fast and efficient service. I ordered 4 books on Friday 9/1 and received them Monday 12/1. Its not often you come across a company who does what they say they will do! Love the website - keep up the brilliant work!

Kind regards Sylvia


Thanks a lot PropertyBooks

I have to say that your site has been fantastic, compared to some of the others I have visited. I will definately be referring friends & family.  
Thank you take care  
kind regards
rachaellee p
Hi Paul,  
I would like to thank you for all your time and assistance in replacing the 2 books.
We have received them and again very grateful for your services.

Kind regards,  

Paul P
Taipa Macau

Again appreciate your good service, time and effort and will visit your website in the future
Have a good weekend   
All the best

Hi PropertyBooks

Thank you for the choices. Regardless, thankyou for the flawless service!
I look forward to receiving my order.
Kind Regards,
Anthony K. NSW

Hi PropertyBooks
Well done mate. Love the service  

Adrian T
Account Executive. VIC


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