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  • Craig Turnbull

    Craig Turnbull, founder of the Aspire Organisation, is widely acknowledged as one of Australias foremost finance commentators and strategists. He regularly contributes to leading publications and newsletters around Australia and is the author of four best-selling wealth creation books… "It's Easy To Invest In Property" "It's Easy To Be A Property Millionaire" “Unlimited Cashflow - It's Easy To Make Money In Property" “Millionaire in Training” Craig is an entertaining radio presenter who has successfully developed the ‘Talking Real Estate Show with 6PR over a number of years. Aired live each Saturday morning from 7am to 8am on 882AM in Perth, Western Australia, the show has attracted a solid listener base that outperforms programs during the same timeframe. A true tale of rags to riches… Craig's passion for wealth creation has taken him on a bittersweet journey from wealth, to broke and back to wealth again.

  • Donald Trump

    Donald Trump owns some of the most prestigious pieces of prime real estate in New York City. Trump has slapped his Trump brand name on some of the finest hotels, casinos and building complexes in the city. Donald Trump was born in New York on the 14th of June 1946. His father Fred Trump was a successful property developer that helped form the young Donald's business sense. Donald acknowledged his father's influence by stating that “My father was my mentor, and I learned a tremendous amount about every aspect of the construction industry from him.”. Trump began his career in his family's real estate business after studying at the Wharton Business School. He worked with his father for five years and was extremely successful in making profitable deals. His father commented on his son's business success by stating that "everything he seems to touch turns to gold". After gaining the necessary business skills in real estate from his father, Donald Trump moved into the Manhattan real estate scene. He went on to acquire some of the most exclusive properties in the city. Trump Casino, Trump International Hotel, Trump Marina Hotel and Casino, Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort and Trump Tower are among his prestigious portfolio of real estate properties. Trump brands his properties with the Trump name displayed prominently. They all have the Trump name in their titles and often have large "T" symbols placed all over the important areas of the building. Through his properties and business dealings he has developed a celebrity personality and often appears in gossip columns, television programs and magazines. Donald Trump starred in his own reality TV program in 2004. The Apprentice program is a selection of candidates competing against each other in the area of business to ultimately become Donald Trump's apprentice. The program was watched by millions of viewers each week and was wildly successful. Each participant to be eliminated was given the now famous "you're fired" sentence. The series was a hit and has gone on to be one of the more popular reality programs each year. "I mean, there's no arguing. There is no anything. There is no beating around the bush. "You're fired" is a very strong term." Donald Trump Trump is a self confident and extravagant businessman that has made himself instantly recognizable wherever he goes. His interests include real estate, entertainment, gaming, and sports. Trump also owns part of the three largest beauty competitions in the world, consisting of Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. He is also a successful author with several best selling business books published that include The Art of the Deal, The Art of Survival and How to get Rich. Among his many other pursuits, Donald Trump was briefly interested in running for President, is a member of several civic and charitable organizations and is a generous philanthropist. In 2005 Donald Trump started the Trump University that teaches business students online. The courses available are focused on real estate investing, being a successful entrepreneur, business management, and career success.

  • Kendra Todd

    Kendra Todd is a highly successful real estate investor and marketing entrepreneur. She is also one of the top producing investment-related real estate agents in the United States. She is a co-developer of My House Real Estate, LLC, and was also the first woman to be hired by Donald Trump as the winner of The Apprentice on NBC. Todd lives in Palm Beach County, Florida.

  • Kieran Trass

    Kieran Trass is a well-respected property investor, real estate market analyst and regular commentator for the media on the real estate cycle and the state of residential real estate markets. Kieran is a casual lecturer at various universities and has been a regular guest speaker at real estate investment seminars including the New Zealand Property Investment Expo, New Zealand Property Investors Federation Annual Conference, Real Estate Investor Associations throughout New Zealand, Special Interest Group of Chartered Accountants, USA Chamber of Commerce, Sydney Investors Group, Millionaires in Training (Acumen Inc) and more.

  • Philip Thomas

    Philip Thomas has more than 25 years' experience in the property industry across Australia and Asia, covering residential, industrial, commercial and infrastructure projects. Development Director of property development consultancy Montek, Philip has a substatial private property portfolio.

  • TaxPayers Australia

    Taxpayers Australia is a not-for-profit educational institution that is not affiliated with any political party or any pressure group. We aim to educate taxpayers via the media, educational publications and seminars on issues relating to tax and superannuation...

  • Brett Taylor

    Interested in architecture since his teens, Brett Taylor started an Associate Diploma in Architecture at TAFE straight out of high school. After a brief detour into an apprenticeship as an auto electrician, Brett returned to his TAFE course where his future began to unfold.In 1997, on completion of his Associate Diploma in Architecture, Brett took on a traineeship with a surveying company. During this early stage in his career Brett began to develop his now extensive knowledge of property development. After one year with the surveying company Brett moved on to become an architectural draftsperson with a well-known home building company. After a short time he was appointed head of a growing drafting team, and his knowledge and enthusiasm opened more doors. In 2001 Brett was put in charge of setting up a Unit Development Branch of this already successful building company. In this role he designed units for small subdivided lots and quickly learnt the rules and regulations that are specified by councils in all areas.In Early 2003 Brett left his position as Unit Development Co-ordinator to work for himself. At this time he continued to develop his own personal investment properties as well as contract out his services as an architectural draftsperson. In 2004, having just completed his Diploma of Builders Registration, Brett was approached by another colleague who wanted his assistance in setting up a brand new building company. After the initial setup was complete, with systems and staff well in place, Brett realised he needed to focus more time on his own development projects. Family and friends then began to take more interest in the progress of his development projects and looked to Brett for advice and support to begin their own. From this point in mid 2005 Property Investment Made Easy was born. Property Investment Made Easy is now a comprehensive business offering project management services, property consultation, educational material, educational workshops and web-based tools. A Western Australian business, Property Investment Made Easy is proudly owned and operated by Managing Director Brett Taylor.

  • Greg Thompson

    Greg Thompson wrote this book after completing his first property development. The process took him 9 years from acquiring the adjacent property to finally obtaining planning approval through VCAT. This project was four x 3 bedroom houses with lockup parking and occupied less than 50% of the land. Greg's experience with the local council is one that every developer should learn from, he notes that "The VCAT decision was unusually critical about the lack of validity for the council’s objection to the project and the process of going through VCAT took nearly him two years and added a great deal to the cost. Hence the detailed spreadsheets contained within the CD, to monitor every cost."

  • Guntis Terauds

    Guntis Terauds is a hard working Melbournian that started out from humble beginnings to now having a property portfolio across Australia. Guntis is a Property Coach, Mortgage Broker, Property Investor and a recently published Author. His primary areas of expertise are property investment and finance. He is the CEO and Founder of Aussie Property Coach and National Housing Loans. His professional experience includes working for some of Australia’s major brands over a 25 year period including; ANZ Bank, St George Bank, State Trustees, Yellow Brick Road and State Bank Victoria. Guntis is a member of MFAA, has a Diploma in Mortgage Broking and originally completed a Degree at La Trobe University, Melbourne. He also has a research background, which lead him to develop a property investing strategy that focuses on market timing to exceed average returns. His book titled “Property Coach – The Complete Steps” focuses on 5 major points: 1) Budgeting, Goal setting and a plan to calculate how many properties are required to achieve Financial Independence; 2) What type of property to buy; 3) Where to buy; 4) When to buy and how to tell if the market is overvalued and 5) The Professional Team that you need to assemble You can contact him on 0448 475 880. His email address is His Twitter account is called ‘Aussie Property Coach’ (PropertyCoach1) and he can be found on Facebook under ‘Guntis Terauds’. The Strategy that he developed over a 20 year period has been tested over the last 10 years and has resulted in substantial profits being made. He coaches others who are now well progressed on their journey. His purpose is to assist ordinary Australians on average incomes to become extraordinarily wealthy investing in property. The vision is to become the most respected Property Coach and Educator in Australia. And in his spare time he enjoys travel with his family, music and numerous team sports (as a spectator).

  • Michael Teys

    With 30 years strata law experience, our Founder and Managing Director, Michael Teys continues to practice strata law every day. The strata schemes we manage benefit from this in house knowledge and experience. It underpins every thing we do. Naturally we don’t get many legal cases referred to us from our competitors in strata management but that doesn’t stop us acting without fear or favour for any lot owners or owners cooperation that come to us directly for help with their legal problems.