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  • Jan Somers

    Twenty years ago, Jan was your average high school maths teacher who left the blackboard behind to raise a young family. With her teaching career on hold, she took advantage of her time at home to pursue other interests, namely property investment. With the help of husband Ian, that interest was to become so rewarding it became a passion and Jan never did go back to teaching high school maths. Today, Jan spends her time writing books and teaching (some would say preaching to) others about the wonderful benefits of direct property investment. Her interest in property can be traced back to 1972 when she and Ian bought their first house. Although they accumulated many investment properties over the following years, it was not something that was planned. Constrained somewhat by the needs of three very young children, it was a time Jan used most productively to read and to learn. Introduced to a personal computer for the first time by programmer and husband Ian, she relished the opportunity to analyse investment property in depth, playing with the figures to her heart's content. At first she had trouble believing what the computer kept telling her, but no matter which way she looked at it, the answer always came out the same: residential property, properly financed and kept long term, was a wonderful investment! Jan now had an insight into why the family had been able to achieve so much through investment in property in the past, on just average wages. As a result, Jan and Ian went on to buy many more investment properties, and now have a multi-million dollar property portfolio. Jan never did go back to teaching high-school mathematics. In 1989, with husband Ian, she established Somerset Financial Services Pty Ltd and now enjoys sharing her knowledge with others through her lectures, books, videos and computer software. Someone recently asked her when she hoped to retire! Jan's response was that if retirement meant being able to do the things that you enjoyed most, she had retired many years ago. Her property investments have made that financially possible. But as a teacher, she enjoyed teaching motivated students and as she says, property investors are amongst the most motivated around.

  • Barbara Smith

    Barbara Smith has over 19 years experience in the financial services industry and has been advising clients for over 19 years. Barbara holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Master of Taxation Studies, Bachelor of Education, Master of Business, Diploma of Education, Diploma of Financial Planning and is a qualified Financial Planner.Barbara has been a registered tax agent since 1981, is a Fellow of the National Tax and Accountants Association (NTAA) and holds a Practicing Certificate issued by the NTAA. She has written many technical books and articles for individual investors and advisers, and has also conducted numerous workshops and seminars to groups and the public and advisers on tax, superannuation, financial planning and retirement planning.

  • Gary Seeto

    "Gary's coaching gave me the confidence and ambition to go after 10 investment properties in five years, as a platform for financial freedom. I expected it to be a challenge. What I did not expect was that a year after Gary first started coaching me, I did more in the first 6 days (following that coaching session) than I had done in 25 years and I purchased five investment properties in less than 12 months. It may not sound spectacular for some people, but what's more important is I did it and it was spectacular for me. Garys book “Property Millionaire – The Guidebook to Having Great Australian Dreams” has a very interesting anecdote about café latte and its connection to property investment. Before I was a property investor, coffee was just a bad habit. Now I'm an investor, it's a great reason to experience coffee wherever I go. "

  • Jane Slack-Smith

    In 2011 March Money magazine named her “One of Australias top ten finance experts”. In Jan 2011 she appeared on Sky TV “Your Money Your Call”, and she appears in Australian Property Investor Magazine, Your Investment Property magazine and Smart Investor Magazine as an industry expert monthly. She also is sought after by The Australian Financial Review and BRW magazine for her comments. However she did not start out with a silver spoon or an inheritance. She followed the path of many investors starting out, no money left over at the end of the month, no idea how to change that and no idea on what she needed to know. She read the books and attended as many courses and information, nights that she could. All this whilst she kept her day job. Jane graduated as a mining engineer in 1992. She was one of the first women to enter the male domain of underground coal mining, going on to become an explosives expert training others in Australia and overseas. In 2006, Jane was recognised for her contribution to the industry, being named in the inaugural Whos Who of Australian Women. She has also been profiled in the ABCs Australian Story and was awarded the prestigious Churchill Fellowship. During her time in the mining sector Jane built up a multi million dollar property portfolio and in 2005 decided that she wanted to help others do the same. From her start as one of two women who were the first to legally work underground in the NSW coal mining industry, through to finishing her 15 year mining career as an international explosives expert, Jane has many a tale to tell and a wealth of stories to inspire. Janes new career as property investing educator arose as a result of her friends and mining industry colleagues requesting her assistance in leveraging the equity in their properties to invest in shares and property, and establish their own financial base. After so many started telling others the requests for assistance snowballed. Hence in 2005 she left the mining industry and started the business of sharing her knowledge with others. In 2009 Jane completed her Certificate of Property Investment advice through PIAA (Property Investors Association of Australia). Her vision was to have the time to support other investors on their own wealth accumulation journey by educating them on using residential property investment as a vehicle to achieve their financial goals. It became obvious that to teach as many as possible she was limited to when she could physically turn up to train. As the property education industry started to put on more and more high quality courses she saw the price of these grow to over $5000 for a seminar and even up to over $30,000 for an annual mentoring fee. She decided that the average Australian was being excluded by the price alone and her limitations of being everywhere and hence hatched the plan for online affordable education through Your Property Success. It took over a year of compiling the content and the experts to provide bonus material. Finally the online courses were launched in July 2011. Jane is passionate about teaching others about goal setting, financial education and taking action as she knows what it has allowed her family to achieve. She and her husband hold an international multi-million dollar property portfolio and have recently completed their 7th renovation. Jane prides herself on her dedication to assisting others in achieving financial freedom. Her main focus is on teaching quality, low-risk techniques to property investors. At the heart of her education, is teaching low-risk property investing strategies, motivating others to take action and to be able to see the path they then need to tread to get their family to the place they want to be. She gives people confidence to act and leads them on a journey in making quality investment decisions. In Janes own words “I know that the average Australian, with the right knowledge, can purchase two investment properties, in good areas achieving good capital growth and rental yield, these will get them a net asset base of $1 million dollars within 15 years. Helping to provide the education to get people on that path and to achieve for their family all their hopes and dreams could not be a better legacy. I take pride in the fact that I have assisted so many of my friends and family to achieve this level of comfort and I want to share that with as many people as possible. The wonderful thing about Your Property Success is that as I speak to so many industry experts and leaders about my plans they offer amazing free resources as they also want to assist people achieve their goals. I am overwhelmed with the information and resources that participants will have access too. It just goes to show when the plan is a good one the good ones will turn up and back it. Thank you to all those who have helped this goal become a reality.”

  • Peter Spann

    Peter Spann is the founder and CEO of financial services firm Freeman Fox which was established in 1987 and listed in BRW as the 41st fastest growing privately owned company in Australia in 2008. Peter and his firm help everyday Australian’s manage their investments and he advises on over $700 million in funds under management. He strives to help make investing simple to understand and easy to achieve. His particular interest is emerging markets. He is a Director of the ASX Listed Investment Company Fox Invest, is listed in ‘Who’s Who’ Queensland Edition, and his charity, Fox Smile helps underprivileged children with health and education. Peter serves as Chief Investment Officer and Fund Manager for 3 Managed Funds, Generator, Maximiser and Emergent. His view on the Economy and Share market has been sought by magazines, newspapers, television, CEO’s and everyday people and his predictions are known to be uncannily accurate including the late 90’s / early 2000’s property boom, the transition to the share market boom, the rise of Gold prices and the US Credit Crisis. His bestselling book “Wealth Magic” has been translated into seven languages, and his other books are “How to Build a $10 Million Property Portfolio in 10 Years” and “Little Pot of Gold”.

  • Philip Sigglekow

    Best selling author, Mr Philip Sigglekow has been in the real estate industry for over 18 years, although starting his career as an electrical engineer. LREA - Dip. Fml Cert. IV Real Estate In 1988 Philip was an integral player in the rezoning and on-selling of a $600 million dollar waterfront Golf Resort in the Whitsundays known today as Laguna Resort. Philip has extensive experience in land development - rezoning - construction of house, duplexes and townhouses as well as project marketing. The first three books 101, 151 and 201 are best sellers in their own right and are totally unique publications of handy tips and strategies, including over 200 hand-drawn clip art images. Philip has also put together a very impressive range of educational ebooks which are believed to be the largest set of ebooks anywhere on the net today. I hope you enjoy my books and if just one strategy will either make or save you money, it will far outweigh the cost of the book.

  • Sadhana Smiles

    Sadhana Smiles has had a wonderful career in Australian real estate and admits: “The real estate industry has never been great at training people how to recruit, run successful businesses, engage teams and become great leaders. The majority of our business-owners were successful sales agents who transitioned to becoming directors and learn't some of these skills along the way.” It is with this past experience that Sadhana decided that she wanted to write a book to ain people in Real Estate and other industries to help recruit the right people and learn how to manage, engage and coach employees for maximum performance. Sadhana Smiles currently Chief Executive Officer of Harcourts Victoria, the state division of one of Australia’s leading and well respected real estate brands. Sadhana is also a popular speaker and presenter and contributor to a number of national real estate journals and publications.

  • Miriam Sandkuhler

    Miriam Sandkuhler, is a Licenced Estate Agent, Accredited Property Investment Advisor, accredited by the Property Investment Association of Australia (PIAA) and a Buyer Advocate. Miriam holds Diplomas in both Business and Property Studies – in a non ASIC regulated industry, these disciplines provide her with a high level of skill to develop and also fulfill successful and sustainable property investment strategies for a wide selection of clients - investors and home buyers alike. She has worked as a Selling Agent, an Authorised Representative for high profile developers and as a property Buyer's Advocate specialising in sourcing high-performing, investment grade properties for clients. With over 14 years of Property experience, Miriam has successfully bought and sold hundreds of properties worth over $50 million for her clients. She identifies strong performing investment opportunities for Property Mavens clients, mitigating all the risk, stress and frustration of the property buying process for them, while generating remarkable results. Miriam has just been nominated as a finalist for the REIV Awards for Excellence - Buyer Agent 2013

  • Sam Saggers

    Sam Saggers purchased his first investment property in 1998 at the age of 23, since then he has has a passion for property investment and is now one of Australia's most successful Property Millionaires. Sam Saggers is currently operating as the the CEO of Positive Real Estate which is a leading property investment company based in Melbourne but has offices all over Australia. In Sam's 19 year career he has brokered over a billion dollars in real estate and is a recognised as a licensed real estate agent in every state of Australia. Sam Saggers and co-founder Jason Whitton have grown Positive Real Estate from a start-up company in 2003, and it is now one of Australia’s largest and highly regarded real estate groups which has now been extended to include educational property investment seminars and programs designed at teaching and empowering clients to be successful property investors. Sam is the co-author of Think and Grow Rich In Property by Stuart Zadel and How to be in Debt for Millions and Be Happy About It and is also the Author to Property Success in 7 Lessons what was released in early 2013.

  • Andrew Simpson

    Andrew Simpson is a principal with Moores Legal in Melbourne and is head of its estate planning, structuring and superannuation department. He has been practising in the area of estate planning for 15 years. Andrew was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2004, and is an adjunct lecturer in estate planning at Charles Sturt University. Andrew regularly presents seminars and workshops to accountants, financial planning organisations and community groups. He is an adjunct lecturer in estate planning at Charles Sturt University in the Masters of Financial Planning course. Andrew is also the author of "You Can't Take It With You" published by John Wiley & Son, a practical and informative guide to estate planning for the average Australian, and a chapter on estate planning in the Australian Master Financial Planning Guide published by CCH. Andrew is a Churchill Fellow and spent time in The United States, Canada and the United Kingdom examining the international approaches to elder law.

  • Brad Sugars

    Bradley J. Sugars is a world-renowned entrepreneur, author, and business coach who has helped nearly a million clients around the world find business success. Brad is the founder of Action International, a global network of business coaches with nearly 1000 offices worldwide. Brad and the Action International team have refined over 500 business strategies and systems that are used by Action business coaches on six continents.