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Property Author Surname - O

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  • Melissa Opie

    Melissa Opie bought her first property at a very young age. Since then, she has continued to learn, grow and invest, inspired by a love of property and a joy in helping others achieve their financial goals. Melissa's property portfolio continued to grow until a life-changing illness forced her to sell her property portfolio so she could support herself while undergoing medical treatment. This represented a turning point in Melissa's life, forcing a reassessment of her career goals and personal priorities. Melissa began her career in real estate as a receptionist for Central Equity, a prominent property development firm. She was soon taken off the switchboard to work in sales, selling her first off-the-plan penthouse at the age of 23. Quickly obtaining her agent's representative license, Melissa then worked for a number of real estate companies before going into business for herself. Melissa now owns multiple investment properties and has bought hundreds more in her role as a buyer's advocate in Melbourne. She was the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) chairperson for the North Western Division from 2006 to 2010, an REIV Buyer's Agent Committee member from 2006 to 2010, and is a qualified mortgage broker and a licensed real estate agent as well as a qualified trainer and keynote speaker. Melissa has twice won the REIV Buyer's Agent of the Year award (jointly in 2007) and her agency, among many other awards, was voted Melbourne's favourite real estate agency in the 2009 Leader Business Awards. Today, Melissa runs a successful buyer's advocacy, vendor's advocacy and property management business called Keyhole Property Investments (KPI). Melissa can be seen presenting monthly educational seminars and is a regular media commentator about the property market. Visit Melissa's company website at for more information, to join her investors club or to contact her.

  • Rick Otton

    Rick Otton, the showman of property entrepreneurs and original pioneer of creative property strategies, is internationally admired by the property industry for his maverick real estate concepts. A man of dedicated vision heis founder and CEO of We Buy Houses, a leading property enterprise which Rick has successfully expanded into the international markets of America, the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Rick's success has been achieved through recognising property profits can be maximized when you start to create strategies relating to the terms under which the property is acquired or sold, and not simply relying on price-led strategies. Rick's refreshing concepts allow the buying, selling and trading of houses using little or no money of your own to create what everyone is looking for, super-cash flow as well as profits. Rick was fortunate to be living in America during the late eighties when banks were facing one of the biggest challenges ever seen in finance history, the famous Savings and Loans Crisis. It created an environment where home-loans were practically abolished, leading Rick to create an innovative number of systems which allowed people to buy and sell houses without relying on the banks. Fast-forward fifteen years and Rick's unique methods and processes are used everyday all over the world. His dynamic approach to property investment has created We Buy Houses into a successful brand synonymous with entrepreneurship and is now operated side-by-side with a dynamic property education business. With leading real estate courses, education seminars and home study packs, Rick travels the world sharing his strategies, skills and experience. His celebrated energy, passion and mentoring style reflected in his courses, including his legendary Go Direct course. This enthusiastic, over-achiever believes "Things don't change,people change things" and relishes in looking at established practises and asking ...why? This thinking has been highlighted in various TV appearances, books and soon to be released the publication of Rick's eccentric mix of business and biography. And if it follows Rick's successful life-mantra it will be punctuated with his classic mix of inventiveness and humour.

  • Ashley Ormond

    Ashley Ormond was one of Australias first PC-equipped ‘mobile lenders, starting out in the early 1980s with a financial calculator, a dual-floppy drive Compaq portable PC and a portable Epson thermal printer in his car. This was before the age of mobile phones, the internet, Windows, Excel, or even hard drives. It was back in the days when: lenders actually analysed each borrowers ability to repay, borrowers actually had to have a job or other source of income, borrowers actually had to have proof of a savings record, proof of income, proof of assets, lenders had to actually think about how each debt would be repaid, instead of just shovelling money out the door, lenders actually retained the credit risk and retained the ownership of loans, instead of just selling them to unsuspecting bond-holders on the other side of the world. His banking and finance career included several senior executive roles at major Australian and international banking and finance groups, including running branch networks, lending operations, product development, pricing and financial control. His formal qualifications include a Bachelor and Masters in Law, a Bachelor of Arts in Economic History and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment. He has also lectured for the Securities Institute of Australia. Since ‘retiring at 40, he has been a director of several companies, including listed, private and not-for-profit companies and a charitable foundation. Ashley is the principal of Investing 101 Pty Ltd, a specialist investment research firm that holds an Australian Financial Services Licence. He is a sought-after speaker and commentator on financial markets and has written two best-selling books on finance: How to Give Your Kids $1 Million Each! and $1 Million for Life.

  • Peter O'Malley

    Peter O'Malley entered the real estate industry at age 19 in 1997. Within seven years, he bought the estate agency in which he worked. In his sales career, Peter has sold more than half a billion dollars worth of real estate. He has never charged a home seller a single dollar in upfront advertising costs. His opinion is often sought by the media. Real Estate Uncovered is his first book.