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  • Alex May

    Alex May is a freelance writer and teacher who specialises in property and design. She writes property and design stories for The Sydney Morning Herald's Domain section and also has a column in The Sun Herald called Worth a Look. In addition, she is the freelance Homes editor for New Woman magazine where she styles and writes their Homes page each month.Alex has already tortured herself renovating an inner-city terrace and is about to do it all again with a ramshackle heritage-listed cottage in Sydney's inner west.

  • Gavin McPherson

    CEO of Oasis Property * Founding Partner of Oasis Property (now supported by 4 other loyal and trusted partners and friends) * Member of the CEO Institute * Telstra Business Awards (2012) - Finalist (Top 6) * Winner 2009 ('10 Finalist) Business Achiver Awards * Winner 'Business Operator of the Year' (10/11) Finance My Goal is to continue to drive Oasis Property as the leading buyers advocate in Australia, backed with solid research, skill and competitive advantage through our business model. Formerly as an Australian representative in Triathlon at World Championships I also look forward to a year off within the next 5-7 years to train for an compete in the Hawaii Ironman again before I officially retire from sport (or any overly ambitious activity!).

  • Antonia Magee

    Antonia Magee is a Melbourne journalist who has always struggled to save her cents. She is a finance and general news reporter for the Herald Sun, and has written 2 books on debt and personal finance.

  • Jamie Mcintyre

    Jamie McIntyre is the founder of over 12 different companies (employing almost 100 staff) that turn over in excess of $40 million dollars annually. With reach in industries such as education, trading, accounting, finance broking, stock broking, financial services, recruitment, media, publishing and TV, the 21st Century Group has grown to be the largest financial education resource in Australia. Jamie McIntyre is an extraordinary Australian who is making a big difference to the quality of other people’s lives in this nation and around the world. He is a sought after Success Coach (Life Coach) and has travelled the world meeting and learning from some of the very best teachers and leaders on the planet, including Anthony Robbins (Unlimited Power), General Norman Schwarzkof (Desert Storm), Paul Zane Piltzer (Unlimited Wealth), Jay Abrahams (Fortune 500 Marketing Consultant), Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), former Presidents of countries including FW De Klerk - former South African President and many others.

  • John Mcgrath

    John McGrath is considered one of the most influential figures in the Australian property industry. As Chief Executive of McGrath Estate Agents, he took the company from a lounge room start-up in 1988 to one of Australia's most successful residential real estate groups, selling $10.1 billion in residential property in FY14. A total solution company, McGrath Estate Agents currently has offices located throughout Sydney, North Coast, Central Coast, Southern Highlands, South Coast, the ACT and Queensland, as part of its growing franchise network. In October 2008, he was honoured by the Real Estate Institute of NSW with the Woodrow Weight OBE Award, a lifetime achievement award for his outstanding contribution to the real estate industry. John himself has become a spokesperson for the industry both in Australia and internationally. John has five books that have reached bestseller status including “You Don’t Have To Be Born Brilliant” and “You Inc.”. In “The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate”, John shares with the reader his invaluable knowledge on the Australian property market. John is a Director of REA Group and also the South Sydney “Rabbitohs,” which is one of his great passions.

  • Katrina Maes

    Katrina Maes was born in Sydney, raised in Hobart, Perth and Melbourne. It's fair to say she's used to moving homes and watching her mother packing boxes one day and being in the ‘new' house (and new state) everything unpacked and beautifully perfect before the family were tucked up in bed the next night. Throughout the '70s and '80s Katrina's parents bought houses, upgraded them, then prepared the property for sale. They didn't know it at the time but they were "home staging".

  • Martin Murden

    Martin Murden ANZIIF (Fellow) CIP FCPA SSA SSAud B.Ec, is one of Australias leading authorities on self managed superannuation funds with 39 years experience in financial services. He is a sought-after commentator on the subject. Martin has worked with hundreds of clients over the years. Along with this experience he possesses the gift of being able to communicate complex concepts in straightforward, easy-to-understand language.

  • Steve Mcknight

    Steve McKnight is a professional investor and best-selling author. Steve began investing in May 1999, and together with his business partner, Dave Bradley, they've acquired well over 250 income producing dwellings at an incredible average of a new property every nine or so days. Steve is a qualified chartered accountant and has lectured in accounting at Melbourne's RMIT University. He was also been engaged by the Institute of Chartered Accountants to act as a Master Group Leader as part of their professional accreditation program. Prior to investing, Steve was a registered company auditor (resigned in 2004) which equipped him with a unique understanding of how to identify and mitigate risk factors. He was trained by one of the large international firms where he was nominated for the Institute of Chartered Accountants 'Undergraduate of the Year Award' in 1992. In 1999 he joined forced to establish Bradley McKnight Chartered Accountants, a dynamic consulting and accounting business that was sold in 2004. Today he focuses on full-time investing and also educating others on how they can achieve outstanding investing success. Steve has acted as a key-note speaker at property related events around the globe - including Canada, Malaysia and New Zealand. In his native Australia he's widely regarded as one of the country's foremost real estate investing experts with his comments and insights featured in magazines such as Your Mortgage Magazine and Money Magazine. In 2003 Steve wrote his first book, From 0 to 130 Properties in 3.5 Years which went on to sell over 130,000 copies making it the #1 selling business book (of any title) in 2004. His second book, $1,000,000 in Property in One Year, which outlined the amazing results of other people following his approach, was also a best-seller. Aside from his books, Steve is a guest expert on the website He runs occasional seminars where he shares the practical details behind the deals he is buying at the moment, and the appraoch he is adopting in the current property market.

  • Tony Melvin

    Tony Melvin has become a popular and trusted commentator in Australian media. He is already wellknown for his books and opinions on tax and self managed super funds. This new book on property demonstrates another dimension to Tony.s expertise. I know Australian TV, radio and press will very be excited to hear there?s a third book in the successful How To series. I certainly expect he will be very busy with media requests upon its release!

  • Bill Meehan

    For much of the past 15 years, Bill Meehan has been closely involved in wealth-building ventures in many countries around the globe, from structuring companies and raising finance to corporate share management and mergers and acquisitions. As the founder of Certain Wealth Group, he has used his exceptional financial and business acumen to help hundreds of "ordinary" Australian's gain the confidence and "know how" to achieve their dream through wise property investments. Now you can discover the system Bill has been using and teaching to create accelerated wealth through careful selection of properties that consistently achieve above average capital growth and demand for tenants.

  • Pat Mesiti

    Pat is a highly effective communicator and has done most of his work as an income coach. Pat's passion is to EMPOWER individuals to achieve growth and build their prosperity to their fullest potential. His goal is to CHANGE MINDSETS AND TO HELP BUILD BIGGER PEOPLE to achieve excellent results. An Australian icon in high demand around the world as a keynote speaker and presenter, his seminars and products are transforming the lives of all it touches. Pat Mesiti's enthusiasm combined with his great sense of humor gives him the ability to move an audience into action as well as give them practical resources to help them achieve their goals. He is a gifted communicator and will add tremendous value to the lives he touches. Pat is Dynamic - Entertaining - Unforgettable! Pat has spoken for, and shared the platform globally with some of the world’s most influential people including, Sir Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Denis Waitley, Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Victor Hansen, Jim Rohn, the late Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Captain Jerry Coffee, Allan Pease, Bob Proctor, Willie Jolley, Morris Goodman “The Miracle Man”, and many more... Pat is committed to helping raise 10,000 millionaires through his works. He will shift your mindset, touch your heart and increase your wealth.

  • Katie Marshall

    Katie Marshall is a long-term property investor and purchased her first property at the age of 19. She has worked extensively in the property & building industry for close to 10 years as an Interior Designer and Construction Manager. Katie has worked on some of Brisbane’s iconic buildings, drafting construction plans, designing fit-outs and co-ordinating construction crews. Her services were also engaged to draft new estate covenants for prominent Gold Coast residential estates and oversee NRAS compliance. Katie brings a unique blend of both behind the scenes knowledge and main stream experience to help women understand the process of property investing and how an investment in property can help you achieve a secure financial future.

  • A. MacLeary

    A. MacLeary