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This section categorises each product according to the format it comes in; see sub-categories for specific details....



  • Books

    The largest range is our Book Format

  • CD

    Products in this section are audio CD's that can be played on any CD equipment, including home stereo, cars or transferred to your iPod / MP3 player.

  • DVD

    Our range of education DVD's cover topics such as property renovations, investment seminars and legal requirements.

  • Combo Sets

    These multi-media products are to be a combination of several formats which may include CD, DVD, book etc. Refer to actual product for details.

  • Home Study Package

    This section will bring you details of complete home study packages from the leading property investing professional educators.

  • Seminars

    Around Australia there are thousands of seminars run each year by industry professionals. Their goals range from education to product sales and you do have to spend a little bit of time researching the seminar before committing your money, Here we aim to provide you with the information on the best Australian Property Seminars.

  • Workshops

    Property workshops are great to expand your knowledge in real estate over a weekend of study. Often these workshops are run my self-made millionaires who want to share their knowledge and passion for the property industry. These workshops are often an excellent return on investment and worth looking into.

  • Software

    A number of different Software packages are available to enable you to successfully manage and grow your investment portfolio.

  • Magazines

    View our range of Property Investment Magazines. These magazines are Australia's best monthly magazines on Property Investment. With a list of some of the best property investment Authors contributing on a regular basis.