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Property Author Surname - F

Australian and International Property Authors for Australian Property Investment Surname F


  • John Fitzgerald

    John Fitzgerald is a widely respected, leading Australian property expert, multi-millionaire and philanthropist. John Fitzgerald was born in Melbourne in 1963. He completed his secondary schooling at Christian Brothers College in Ballarat, with some sporting talent and below average academic grades. Leaving school at the age of 16, he decided to find his own way in the world and set off to hitchhike to Queensland with about $200 in his pocket. Fortunately, he turned up in the middle of the real estate boom, and at the age of 17, he was licensed to work in real estate. By age 20, he had syndicated over $5 million in developments, started a national property magazine, Property Weekly Update, and begun trading property through his newly-formed JLF Corporation.

  • Ron Forlee

    Ron Forlee graduated as an architect from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa before immigrating to Australia in 1983. Established his own design and property development consultancy called Archiplan Pty Ltd in Perth whilst still maintaining an interest in South Africa. Over the past 30 years Ron has been involved in all facets of architecture from design to on-site supervision, and managing his own property developments. Projects have ranged from housing to larger commercial buildings such as shopping centres, office blocks and tourism developments both in Australia, South Africa and China. Being an expert in the field of property development, Ron has written and published three books, two on property development and the other building construction and has delivered a number of papers at seminars on the subject of his pet interest.For any budding residential property developer, I cannot recommend more highly Ron Forlee excellent book on the subject. Among the key topics covered in his book include: Understanding the residential property market and development process

  • Toney Fitzgerald

    Toney Fitzgerald is an innovator, entrepreneur, author, futurist and successful coach to many enthusiastic people around the world. He is the founder of the Lifestyle Aspirations Group in Australia. Toneys personal mission and life purpose is to inspire people to aspire to be the best they can be both personally and professionally.

  • Amanda Falconer

    In 2010, Amanda finally stepped clear of what she likes to call the corporate molasses. With over 20 years as a marketer and her first published book behind her, she’s now a woman of many hats. She founded the Sydney Small Business Centre where she conducts marketing workshops and training, and develops marketing communication platforms for owners of small to medium businesses and she blogs about her new life over at Urban Lipstick Hippie. She also continues to speak on renovation and other building issues from time to time.

  • Martienne Freeth

    A FINANCIAL SELF-HELP BOOK WITH A SLANT – THE FINAL PIECE OF THE PUZZLE ‘Empowered Wealth Strategies, Secrets to Financial Freedom’ is a newly released book created by two Sunshine Coast business women - and is guaranteed to change lives. Unlocking the real key to financial success, Sunshine Coast Accountants and business partners Martienne Freeth and Barbara Page discuss topics that previous books of the same nature have failed to identify. The realisation that belief systems and the individual mindset play a key role in achieving financial freedom plays an integral role in the book. Empowered Wealth Strategies seeks to inspire readers to discover their dreams and desires, and recognise any limiting beliefs that in the past may have prevented them from achieving those desires. As wealth strategists, coaches and property investors, Barbara and Martienne collectively offer the financial tools required to enable readers to increase their wealth. After years of experience and research they are certain of one thing - unless their clients have a prosperity consciousness, the tools provided will be rendered useless. That is why this topic is given as much attention in the book as the more traditional financial and wealth strategies, and offers the final piece to the puzzle. Martienne and Barb identify the most common limiting belief systems, and assist readers in changing their mindset by altering their belief systems. The results assist them to achieve financial freedom. The two business partners have been consulting and mentoring clients for many years. Active Financial Answers, their accounting practice has been established since 1994, and is recognised for expert taxation advice, business & wealth strategies and specialist superannuation services. "With insight and dept this book will provide you with the tools to get on the right track and attain your very own financial success".

  • James D Flowers