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Property Author Surname - D

Australian and International Property Authors for Australian Property Investment Surname D


  • Dolf De Roos

    Although born in New Zealand, Dolf de Roos started kindergarten in Europe, and went on to attend school in a variety of countries. This early introduction to travel no doubt contributed to his present propensity to move around. Today, speaking six languages and holding business interests in a number of regions, he considers himself a citizen of the world. While studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Canterbury, Dolf realized electrical engineering, though inherently interesting, was not necessarily lucrative. A subsequent nine-month study of the rich followed to determine what qualities they had in common. Attributes they did not share were age, gender, race, creed, country of origin or education. Surprisingly, it did not even matter whether or not they were born into rich families. Dolf did note one common denominator; almost without exception, the rich either made their money through property, or held their wealth in property. This finding marked a shift in Dolf's focal point. Although he continued on to earn a PhD in Engineering, Dolf began investing in property as an undergraduate student. Over the years, as his successes with property became apparent, Dolf was cajoled into sharing the "why" and "how" of his real estate investment strategies. He has run public seminars throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, North America, and Europe, trained real estate agents, written and published eight best-selling property books including the New York Times Best Seller Real Estate Riches , as well as introduced software to both analyze and manage investment property. Consequently, his views on property are esteemed, and he is often asked to address investors' conferences, appear on radio shows, and take part in television debates. In the late 1990s Dolf launched a public company, "Property Ventures Limited" of which he is the chairman. Property Ventures is now gaining momentum as an innovative property investment company, with holdings ranging from high-rise apartment buildings to high-end vineyards.

  • Geoff Doidge

    Geoff Doidge left his public service job and decided to get serious about investing in property. Since then he has accumulated over $20 million of residential property

  • Gil Davis

    Gil Davis had a stellar career in real estate for over twenty years. He was a franchisee and top salesperson of L J Hooker then Richardson & Wrench before going independent. His achievements included more than 1,700 sales at an average of 100 properties a year during his last decade in the business, and an amazing 80% market share in his local Sydney area. His largest residential sale was the amalgamation of 18 properties for $27 million. Gil subsequently completed a PhD and now works as a university lecturer, as well as consulting to RP Data.

  • Karin Derkley

    Karin Derkley is the former deputy editor of Personal Investor magazine, and continues to write for The Age and AFR Smart Investor magazine. She has also lived through the pleasures and pitfalls of purchasing and renovating her own home.

  • Paul Do

    Paul Do is an Australian investor who has been successful in real estate and stock market investments. "I Buy Houses " is his first book, and has been conceived over a period of 10 years, and calls on Paul's experiences with investment in real estate over the varied Australian real estate cycles and across the different Australian States. Paul has litereally done it all with buying and selling established real estate properties as well as being the developer when the situation called for it. "I Buy Houses" is suitable for first home buyers and also the experienced real estate investor. The book contains five sections: the real estate basics; his SYSTEM T decision making process; detailed information on the buying process; managing your properties and - the part of most interest to people with reasonable knowledge of real estate - making money in real estate. The author provides a step-by-step guide to the buying process that he advocates and includes a live example of the decision making process applied to the purchase of a Sydney property in 2007, including how he selected the property to bid on, from the 10 potential candidates he identified in his research. The buying process that Paul utilises involves a

  • Steve Douglas

    Steve is the founder of Australasian Taxation Services Pty Ltd, which has been the leading taxation advisor to offshore investors, expatriates and intended migrants since it was established in 1995. A commitment to educating the Australian property buyer to safe and prudent investment methods that are tax effective, has been a driving factor in the success of ATS which now has offices located worldwide in Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Malaysia, Dubai and Indonesia. With extensive travel all around the world delivering seminars on Australian Property Investment and Taxation that have attracted over 20,000 attendees, it became clear to Steve that his clients wanted access to high quality property investment opportunities. However the high cost of promoting projects overseas reduced the number of property developers that made their projects available. Having worked with so many of the top property corporations, it was clear that there must be a better way for connecting potential buyers with sellers that was economic enough to allow for a real service to be provided and still ensure that exceptional value could be passed on to the buyers.

  • Devfeas Pty Ltd

    Devfeas: Feasibility Study Software and Consultancy - Devfeas Pty Ltd, as trustee for MA & JW Trust, produces and markets the computer software program Feastudy, which is for the financial feasibility study of property proposals. Devfeas also provides property development feasibility consultancy services. Feastudy: Property Feasibility Study Software Version 1.0 of Feastudy was released in 1988 and since that time the program has been continually developed to the present, culminating in the October 2009 update of the latest release, Feastudy Version 6.0. The principal purpose of Feastudy 6.0 Professional is to provide quick, comprehensive and reliable information in relation to the financial feasibility study of real estate developments and investments; the residual land value of development sites; and the residual value of property investments. Feastudy has become the industry standard in property feasibility study software with major development, accountancy and property valuation companies and universities all being licensed users of the program. Feastudy 6.0 was first released in May 2005. This version of the Feastudy program utilises the 32bit architecture of Microsoft Corporation's Windows operating systems, Win98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7. Mark Andrews, managing director of Devfeas and principal designer of the software, has had several years' experience as a development project manager for real estate developers and is an experienced and certified practising valuer. Mark holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Valuation and a Graduate Diploma in Project Management, both from the University of South Australia.

  • Lindsay David

    After almost 10 years living abroad, former strategy consultant and GreenRigCo co-founder Lindsay David returns to his native Australia. His years of macroeconomic research suggests that Australia is in the midst of one of the biggest credit and property bubbles in modern Western history—bubbles that are supported by the largest credit bubble in human history, the one that has been brewing in China.

  • Rob Dix

    Rob Dix is the co-founder of The Property Hub, and the author of two books: Property Investment For Beginners and Beyond The Bricks.